Over the Years (since 1997) we have had many notes left for us in our guest books for the Cole House and the Cole Cabin. 

(I have trimmed the notes a bit, but by and large, they are as they were written.)

June 12th:
Our stay was wonderful. We brought two of our kids, Sidney, our five pound doggie and Mickie our meow-meow. The puppies from across the street visited often, Tyler and Katie (who is twelve). They came for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so Adam prepared them some yum yum. Their mother (Laura) said if they were any problem to let her know, but being animal lovers we welcomed their visits. Pikes Falls was lovely. Try hiking down rather than taking the “stairs” Its fun. … Shopping in Manchester was great – bring $$$. The alpine slide at Bromley is a must. Small towns, Grafton, Weston, Wilmington, Londonderry were quite charming. My favorite was the trail rides at the Sun Bowl Ranch. Its beautiful and they love their horses. (I went twice) We found the Coles to be extremely nice and the atmosphere very homey and comfortable. Do enjoy your stay!

…….. Adam, Deborah, Sidney and Mickey

June 19th:
Our vacation was wonderful. We don’t want to leave ever! In the beginning we though it would turn out to be a take off on America’s funniest home videos. Here’s why…

Day 1: Dad buys cook it yourself pizza. In a matter of minutes, sets off both smoke alarms. All ok. Tyler and Katie (Choc labs from next door) visit. Let themselves in by the way. They can open the doors, but we don’t mind, we loved them. They became good friends with our 7 year old.
Day 2: Fathers Day. Dad relaxes with Sunday paper on porch. Leg of chair slips off deck, dad falls backward., paper flies up in air – all ok.
Day 3: Mom and 8 mo old twin sons Jebb and Gunnair set off to join the family at the pond. Mom packs both babies in front packs, straps them on, goes to walk off porch, leg buckles, mom and babies crash to ground. Mom regroups fast so neighbors don’t see. Very embarrassed. All ok.
Day 4: Hike to pikes Falls. Mom gets daring, dives off rocks, experiences mild hypothermia. All ok.
Day5: Dad wants to start fie, but fears he will burn cabin down based on week’s prior events.
Even with our minor mishaps we had the best time. I could use another 30 or 40 years of this laid back Vermont country life. We are all sad we must leave. We loved the cabin, the pond, the gazebo, the boat and the area in general. We did not find it as buggy as we had expected. The cabin was the perfect combination of Daniel Boone crossed with Martha Stewart. I hope it never changes. Jeremy and wife Sheila and son Sam are blessed to have this property. We are all blessed that they’ve shared it.

…..Laurie, Kevin and the kids, Pocasset, MA

June 25:
Had a relaxing vacation at the cabin. The mosquitoes are very bad this time of Year ( June 25). We saw a moose on the way to the cabin standing in the marsh on Rte7. Went to LL Bean in Freeport, Ben & Jerry’s in Waterbury, Queeche Gorge, The Vermont Teddy Bear Company and lots of shopping. Also went on a lot of trails and to the top of Equinox mountain. Our two dogs (Toby & Sadie) also enjoyed the trip. Vermont is truly a beautiful State.

…. Carol, Turnersville, NJ

June 26th:
Our week at the Cole cabin was fun and relaxing. Sunny days were spent hiking, horseback riding and swimming. The falls were good but the quarry was great! … Our evenings were full, a night at a play in Weston, a visit to hear the Vermont Symphony Orchestra, fireworks, a memorable night hike up a mountain to see the sunset and the moon rise. We look forward to our next Vermont visit.

….. Greg, Sher, Zack and Katie

July 3rd:
Have had a great time here. … We spent the first few days here relaxing close to home, rowing the boat, catching tadpoles and frogs and just sitting on the bench in the peace and quiet. We went several times to Pikes Falls. My oldest jumped off the rock cliffs several times ( with my heat in my mouth) and we swam and drank in the scenery. We went to Manchester and took the Vermont Valley Flyer train ride back and forth to Arlington. We also went to the Vermont Country Store in Weston. Jeremy and Sheila are warm and friendly hosts and would make wonderful neighbors. … Thanks to the Coles.

…… Filomena & Co, Rochester, NY

July 6th:
We (6) had a great time in the Cabin. Back to Maryland!!

….. Robby, Sarah, Grant, Henry, Rob & Sue

What a delight! I found Jeremy’s website during months of searching for that very perfect place to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary. His website and communications were both charming, informative and comforting. Every step in planning and preparing was thoughtfully tailored to making us feel right at home!

And so…here we are. The moment we arrived, we knew we were in for a genuine treat, The cabin and grounds are simply magical…I can feel the aura of good Karma and good living here. The cabin is a cornucopia of old wood, rough surface, smooth patina, creatively placed mirrors and stunning use of space! I feel like Alice in Wonderland! We have enjoyed every minute:rowing the boat, watching the wildlife, which so far have included fish in the pond, salamanders, tadpoles, frogs in the pond, a deer outside our bedroom, pilated woodpecker, lots of robins, a waxwing, two fawns up the road, the neighbor’s friendly dog; we’re watching for moose or bear (none yet) as well as squirrels and chipmunks. We also saw gorgeous horses at the Sun Bowl Ranch and robust chickens and roosters on the loose at the Jamaica Cottage shop! Fun! How could I forget our visit to the French Hollow Alpaca farm! We called ahead and they welcomed us for a visit and tour of their farm! Cutest was little “Larry” an orphaned Alpaca, tiny as a little lamb! They have nearly 30 Alpaca and a few guard llamas, too! Quite a place and gracious hosts too. They have a little shop in the barn also, but call ahead, they have guard dogs as well. I should also add our adventures from our final day, worth recommending. We took the “back road” (left at the base lodge over Mountain Road) towards Arlington. It’s rough and unpaved (closed in the winter) but quiet, beautiful and offroad away from the highway, it follows a river bed about 15 miles. Along the route is a grassy knoll where there’s a Daniel Webster historic site (watch carefully for it!) Returning to pavement in East Arlington we landed on the doorstep of the Equinox Antique Mart, a very nice reasonable pleasant environment of 35 dealers under one roof. Then went North through a real covered bridge to Basketville (what a thrill) and yes a second Antiques Mart across the highway. And adjacent, the challenging skyline Drive up Equinox Mountain. Do it only if your vehicle has a solid reliable engine and brakes!! Stopped at the BEST DINER on rte 30 YUM (good value, good food) and back to the Cole Cabin to rest & pack.

A most memorable vacation that was so much moor than we could have imagined. The Cole’s are gracious, friendly, gentle people. Thank you. May Cole Cabin always exist.

……Patty and Jeff, Wellfleet, MA

This was our first Vermont summer vacation with the kids, John age 4 1/2 and Abigail, age 22 months. Right away the pond and the rowboat were a big hit. The kids really enjoyed “fishing” with their nets from the boat and the shore. Lots of nice walks and bike rides on the road, up to Ilse’s and back. John got to camp out in the yard with his dad a couple of nights and we enjoyed lots of good cookouts on the grill. Our favorite kid friendly activities were days spent at Emerald Lake State Park and Hapgood Pond in the green Mountain National Forest. Both had nice beaches, shallow swimming, shade, facilities, the kids loved both. Adams Farm was also a big hit, but go early in the day because they have a lot to do and see. I really recommend this for families with small kids (but go the back roads thorough the town of Stratton, it is much faster. For rainy days, Manchester has a nice library with a great children’s room. We also stopped for Penny candy at the General Store. You can skip Santa’s land in Putney. it has seen much better days. Thank you to the Cole’s for an immaculate house and a lovely two weeks in the piece and quiet of Vermont.

….Norman and Kathryn, John and Abigail, Bethany, CT

July 8th:
We had a wonderful week. Nice place for kids and dog. We saw a bald eagle at the top of the mountain.

….. Linda and Jeff, Tracey and Neil, Charlton MA

July 9th:
The weather was just great! We took our two dogs, Nevada and George on the ski lift up the mountain. They were shaking the entire time. Many folks thought we were crazy. Quechee Gorge has a spectacular view. Thanks Sheila for the tip. The art gallerys are very nice too. The marble quarry is an interesting swimming hole in Dorset. Hope to be back in the fall. It must be a sight to behold.

….. Zoraida, Vito, and Nevada and George, Paulsboro, NJ

July 10th:
We are the renters of the Cole Family Cabin … we wanted to let everyone know what a wonderful vacation spot this is and to thank the Cole Family. ….We really had a great time this week and we’re already talking about returning next year. The boys, Matt & Nick (11 & 9) caught bullfrogs on small red flies (they let them go!) and Amy’s husband Tim is very proud to have caught the big large mouth bass that lives in the pond. He also let him go for someone else to catch. We also enjoyed hikes in the woods.. Pikes Falls was great but the water is COLD!! I’ m sure we won’t forget this vacation.

July 11:
We had a great time … We spent the days swimming in the pond, exploring the brook, fishing here and at Hapgood pond and just soaking up the sun. It rained twice, so on those days we went to Stratton Mountain. A really nice thing to do is to take gondolas up to the top of the mountain. There is a breath taking view from up there and you never know what you are going to see

….. Mike, Joanne, Katie, Mikey and Michael, East Longmeadow, MA

July 12th:
We, Dan & Carol, Todd (age 18) and friend Heather (also age 18) and our family dog , Ginger Shared the Cole Cabin with Nancy. Yes, the Cole Cabin is a wonderful place both inside and outside. We found it comfortable and relaxing. Ginger had a great time chasing after fish and tadpoles in the pond. She also did lots of swimming in the pond. She loves country living and I don’t think she wants to go back to Connecticut. We saw a deer, a garter snake and a hawk…. My special favorites are going to Jamaica Country Store and Jamaica State park, Pike Falls, horseback riding at Horses for Hire in Peru, Edna’s wildflowers, herbs and Medicinals in the small village of Peru and going to the Von Trapp Lodge. I stifled myself from singing ” The hills are alive with the Sound of Music” on the ride back. Dan enjoyed going to Orvis. In fact he went twice. He also went to the fly fishing museum in Manchester. All in all, it was a relaxing week. Thank you Jeremy for having a neat country cabin for us ” city slickers” .. to come to/

…. Carole, Meriden, CT

House: No major changes since 1976, our own first year at the Cole House when we arrived with Grandma, Dad, Mom, Children, Macrina, Gasspar and Christopher. Frisky, our beagle came along too. Our first week here (July 4, 1976) saw the opening of the Bromley Alpine slide. We returned many times, but haven’t been back since 1984. This year we are celebrating 25 years of spending some time in the wonderfu scenic mountains of Vermont. We arrived with the entire family … Pickles the dog loves the Cole “estate” as much as anyone. We’ve shopped in Manchester, rode the Bromley slide and we are happy to see much has stayed the same. It’s so nice that some things can be relied upon. Looking forward to many more years sharing both Cole Houses now since we’ve expanded to such a degree.

Cabin: After many years being away from the Cole Cabin, we’ve finally returned to paradise in the woods. Minor changes for the better in the cabin and thank God, it still has the same smell. Memories relived and new ones are found; a timeless place that will always be special in our hearts,

…… the Arbisi’s and Erato’s, Flushing, NY & Bayside Hills, NY

July 13th:
We have had a wonderful time in Vermont. The Cole Cabin is comfortable and well furnished with all the comforts of home. We enjoyed both days and nights in the cabin/ We saw two deer and one moose but never a bear. Our daughter took turns sleeping on every bed in the cabin. They especially liked Jeremy’s childhood bedroom and all the toys he left for the children to use. I’ve never seen them happier. My husband and I loved the gardens, the peacefulness and going for walks along the backyard paths. The girls found the clearing that leads to a rocky spring probably leading down from Pikes Falls. They enjoyed climbing the rocks and swinging from the rope attached to a very large tree. We did a lot of hiking, biking and swimming. We found Pikes Falls beautiful. The water was cold but the girls swam for about two hours anyway. Jamaica State Park is also a great place to swim, bike and hike. We enjoyed horseback riding at the Sun bowl on Stratton Mountain. The owner is one of the nicest people. He and his wife have a new baby girl. She’s beautiful (we saw pictures!) The ride was a definite adventure. It was no small feat maneuvering the horses through their challenging trails. The horses know what they are doing (Praise God!)…We will always remember this vacation. There is something here for everyone to enjoy. Thanks for introducing us to Ilse, she’s great. I enjoyed her stories of the older Stratton Mountain life and what life is like living here now…We love Vermont! Thanks Jeremy and Sheila, you were both very warm and welcoming to all our family including Timmy (our family dog-Pomeranian) What a great place to grow up in. Hope to see you both again soon on our next vacation in Vermont

….Husband Anthony, wife, Sheila and Daughters, Lauren, age 10 and Jennifer, age 8, Willingboro, NJ

July 14th:
A wonderful relaxing week was had by all. We enjoyed the rowboat, catching frogs, etc. Did a few bike rides and swam at Townsend lake. Some sightseeing and shopping in Manchester, Grafton and Weston. The cabin is a great funky old place. Enjoy!

I’ll always remember the Cole Cabin. I loved the “Alice in Wonderland” room even though I couldn’t stand up. Had lots of fun on the pond with “Drano”, “Little Bit”, “Swampie”, “Sausage” , “Frog-pole”, “Tigerflegs”, and the rest of the pond creatures including “Lizzy” the newt. PS, expect friendly visits fromTyler and maybe Katie. Tyler loves to play fetch with rocks.

……Nick, Robin, Elizabeth (13) and Audrey (11), Southbridge, MA

July 15th:
Thank you Jeremy, Sheila and Sam! We had a wonderful time. What an idyllic place you have. We caught 16 rainbow trout, 2 smallmouth bass, 4 white silvea sides on fly (all catch and release) Thanks for the great fishing – 5 lb largemouth bass still lives under the rowboat unmolested. Enjoyed fishing the battenkill. Jamaica State Park is an easy and beautiful hike and fly fishing trip.

…. Jim, Karen and Carly, Maitland, FL

Having a great time- Alexis had great luck catching fish and frogs! Alex loved boat rides with Daddy and Jessie loved playing with Tyler. Alexis also loved playing house upstairs in the loft area. What great rooms for kids! We are all enjoying our stay here. Hope to return again.

….. the Lane’s

… All in all and in spite of the hurricane, we very much enjoyed our first stay at the Cole House.

…. Tina, Cris and Maggie too, New Jersey

July 18:
The surroundings are beautiful as well as relaxing. Spent a lot of time by the pond. A red fox ran right by me one evening as I sat on the bench by the pond. Paddled around in the row boat a few times and also hiked in the path behind the pond. … We also drove up Route 100 to Ben & Jerry’s and to Stowe. Went on the walking path in Stowe, shopped and also visited the Van Trapp lodge. What a view from there. … Went to Peru to go trail riding at “Horses for Hire” Nice horses and nice area. We’ve had absolutely beautiful weather for our whole week here. … Other animal sightings, saw beavers in Jamaica. A big black bear ran across the road as we were heading into Manchester. The car in front of us almost hit it. Also saw a humming bird in the back yard and a grouse. And of course two friendly dogs across the way.

Thank you.

…. Nancy, Meriden, CT

July 20th:
Our first summer vacation as a family with our daughter Sarah, 11 months old. We had a great time hikinh lye brrok Falls, Pikes falls, Grout Pond and more. We enjoyed a couple of meals out and would highly recommend Zoeys Double Hex. George sought the elusive trout in the pond to no avail. All in all a great time was had by all.

…. Louise, George and Sarah, Bayonne, NJ

July 21st:
Out of all the previous Vermont visits, I would say that this cabin is the best out of all the other houses we’ve stayed at. My room was the one Mr. Cole had as a little boy. I loved it, because you could see the pond from it, and sometimes you could hear the frogs. It is also very cozy and I loved the smell of the wood when I went to sleep. My favorite places, in Vermont are the pond and Pikes Falls. … My most memorable time was on the second night when my sister and I were in the middle of the pond and bats were coming out to feed on insects. Some flew over our head. It was cool!

…..Lauren, age 13

July 21st – July 28th:
Our 2nd trip to Stratton and our 1st stay at the Cole House (aren’t the washer and dryer great- no wet towels to drag home). We found something different to do everyday. Vermont Country Store in Weston, Miss Bellows Falls Diner in Bellows Falls (went to ride then train, closed on Sundays in the summer – figure that out) Hildene in Manchester, its beauty is breath taking (can I get a job as a gardener?) Benningtron Pottery and Blue Ben Diner in Bennington (didn’t quite get to the diner this trip, ate next door, but wanted to) Manchester Outlet shopping (finally – hooray) and up to the Vermont Country Store in Rockingham, not as large as Weston, but fun. Stratton Mountain for gondola ride (only on weekends in the summer). Wilson Castle in Proctor, a beautiful home being restored. We were encouraged to touch everything, the wooden carvings on the fireplace, the silk rug, an invitation to play the organ and wall chimes and to take pictures of everyone and the 74 stained glass windows. The guide was very informed and we couldn’t stump her with our questions. Marble Company Exhibit and Museum in Proctor, an interesting display of the history of marble and it’s uses in today’s world (girls suffered through it without too many complaints). Pikes Falls, what a treat to walk barefooted in the freezing brook water. The scenery is spectacular … We were greeted each morning by the neighbor’s dog knocking on the door. (Don’t feed if you want him to leave – we learned the hard way.) Spent time with Sheila, Jeremy’s wife, this trip, what a lovely woman. I wish she was a permanent neighbor of mine.

…..Tim &, Kathy, Jenny (almost 19) & Liz (15)

We’ve very much enjoyed having a peaceful and relaxing spot as home base while we have exploed the beauty of southern Vermont. Starting the days with breakfast on the deck as we listened to the chicadees, coming back in the hot afternoons to catch the cool mountain breezes or fishing for trout in the pond (yes, they are really there), all contributed to a memorable vacation. And thanks for a very well stocked mountain cabin retreat.

…..Norm and Chris, Rochester, NY

July 25:
We had a great two weeks. The kids learned how to row the boat and went fishing every day. Even our four year old caught as fee small sun fish… We hiked parts of the Long trail, shopped and went sightseeing all the way to Burlington. Other days we just relaxed by the pond. Thanks!

…. Tess, Scott, Megan & Stephen, Pasadena, Maryland

August 1st:
We truly have enjoyed our visit here. It is peaceful and quiet. We enjoyed eating breakfast outside of the house and having cookouts for dinner. We spent Sunday hiking and picnicking at Jamaica State Park. Dad especially liked hopping from rock to rock in the river. … Monday began with a splinter group doing an early morning hike up Bromley mountain on the Long Trail. The view from the fire tower was breathtaking. … Four hardy souls hiked up Stratton Mountain on Tuesday morning. It was a bear! … Mom took the lazy way on the gondola….We journeyed to Woodstock … Woodstock has a lot of great shops and the homes are beautiful. … The girls, Dana and Erin, started Thursday off with a horseback ride at Sunbowl ranch. … We all had lunch at the Dam Diner in Townsend. We all endorsed it Thumbs up!!! We spent the afternoon nosing around Grafton. It was a beautiful town. … We had an excellent stay and enjoyed our accommodations in the Cole House. Thanks so much.

… Pete, Carolyn, Dana, Erin, Brent and Stephanie

August 3:
One good hiking spot is to go up the creek. It is fun to go on the boat which we did a lot. It is fun to catch the bullfrogs, but bring a net. This is really a great place to go swimming. It is called Pikes Falls. It is a great place to play hide and seek (try it, its fun)

…. Anonymous

August 4-18th:
Time to leave the mountains and return to the flatlands of SE Pennsylvania. It was great to have our son and daughter in-law and two grand kids with us for a week of our stay, but we enjoyed the peace and quiet when they left. Enjoyed the pond and lovely plantings and the butterflies.

…. Pauline & John

August 4-11th:
We’ve enjoyed our week despite the heat wave. It’s been 90 degrees plus every day and very humid. We were grateful for the pond, which is a great place to swim even if it looks a bit mucky. I especially enjoyed sitting on the big rock and watching the schools of little fish investigate my feet. We have two 13-year olds with us and they have terrorized the frogs. … John …, our wonderful godson … invited his classmate …Andrew … along. Both are students at Church Farm School in Paoli, Pennsylvania… . The boys had read Agatha Christie’s, And Then There were None as part of their summer reading, so we were delighted to find a production of Ten Little Indians at the Dorset Play House. The theater is newly rebuilt and the play was excellent. Dorset is an adorable town, too. … Mostly, though we stuck close to our cabin. We did lots of reading, played lots of board games and spotted some blue herons, many woodpeckers and chipmunks and red squirrels. Thursday night, a big thunderstorm lingered, knocking out the power. The boys rapidly produced lights for their Game Boys; it was rather comical. The lightning was so frequent and bright that we hardly missed the electricity. We found the cabin thoughtfully equipped and quite charming and the surrounding area full of possibilities.

…. Jerry & Maura, Washington, DC

August 7:
It was a great vacation!

We shot air rifles, caught fish, newts, tadpoles and frogs. There is a cool place to swim called Pikes Falls. The water is freezing. This is definitely the kind of place you want to come back to.

…. Grace

Staying at the Cole House. …Got pizza at Manchester Pizza: one of the four best pizza places in Vermont. … We went to Bromley to the Alpine slide. Lots of fun but don’t get carried away. A couple of accidents where the sleds tipped over on the track. Went to Candeleros for dinner (Mexican). The service was okay and so was the food. Went to Stratton to the skate park and dad and I went to the top for a nature hike and to see the view. … Dad and my brother went fishing while mom and I went shopping. We had dinner at the “Sirloin Saloon”. The food was good, great salad bar and good service.

…. Pete, Karen, Kimberly, Jason, Middletown, NY

August 8:
We are having a wonderful time! We have visited Bennington Museum and the Big Ben Diner (great Food), Newfane, Weston and the Vermont Country Store, Stratton Mountain, the train from Manchester to Arlington.. … The girls ( ages 12 & 15) love the pond with its frogs, salamanders, tadpoles and especially the boat. They plat badminton most nights and we’ve taken walks up the hill. Met Sheila (our landlady) and she is lovely; very helpful and a true pleasure. Our neighbors in the cabin are pleasant company. The husband and I graduated from the same high school, (different decades) and have shared ideas on how to keep the kids busy. We still have a few days to explore. Bromley offers alpine slide, Arlington has a Rockwell museum and Manchester Center has a few unexplored stores. The girls are already asking when we can come back!

…. Kathy & Tim, Rochester, NY

August 10th:
We have hit many of the beautiful shops in Manchester. The art museums are great. Tomorrow we plan to go to Bennington to see the works of Grandma Moses. Nevada., our dog thinks this is his next home. He loves the pond. Now Jeremy, about your big fish, I think you told us a little fish story. … (Jeremy’s note: Really folks this trout does exist!) We couldn’t have had a better time. Thank you and if God permits it, we will be back in the Spring or Summer.

…. Zoraida, Vito & Nevada, Paulsboro, NJ

August 17th:
We had a fun time here at the Cole Cabin. I (Jeremy) celebrated my 13th birthday on Sunday. The only thing that went wrong was the water pressure died so we needed to have a plumber come. Steve, my dad, caught only sunfish while two years ago he caught five trout and one bass. Me and my brother, Ben (9) swam a lot at the pond and at pikes Falls. We also went on outings. We went to Bromley and rode the alpine slides. We went to Mt Washington and rode a cog wheel train to the summit. The sausage and maple syrup in Vermont is the best!!! We bought some maple syrup for all of our French toast. Playing board games was a common occurrence. Thank you Cole’s for a great vacation!

……Teresa, Steve, Jeremy and Ben

August 22:
We had a pretty good week, with pretty good weather, occasional rain had made us appreciate the DSS TV. The cabin is quite hospitable and much roomier than it looks at first sight. We are two parents and two kids. We had two very tall friends come for several nights with their two boys and we all fit, reasonably well. All four boys (5-8 years of age) loved the pond. They learned to row and bait their own hooks. I hope the frogs and newts aren’t too traumatized. We’ve spent a lot of time biking, hiking and swimming at Jamaica State park. Many times we’ve had the farthest swimming hole to ourselves, a truly appreciated luxury. We’ve climbed to the top of Hamilton falls, swum in Pikes Falls, explored Grout pond( also a gorgeous spot, especially with a canoe). Checked out Grafton, Woodstock . The raptor center at VINS is very interesting, we were fortunate to look into their 25th anniversary celebration, Quechee and penny candy at the Vermont Country Store in Weston. On rainy days the Dam Diner in Townsend is a good place to eat. Today it was chilly, so we explored Stratton. We especially enjoyed the climbing wall. We hope to come back every other year, so many places, too little time.

Many Thanks.

…. Louise, Jim, Ethan & Dylan, Kuhnhenn, Takoma Park, Maryland

August 25th:
Two weeks without a computer. We did it and enjoyed everything! Everyone fished and read!! Neal (6) and Emma (9) went nuts catching frogs and salamanders, naming them and then letting them go. Steve (38) and Allison (11) hiked the Appalachian trail with Noah (3 year old dog) and Maggie (38) knitted an entire cable knit sweater. We all enjoyed Mt Equinox and Pikes Falls. We saw a fabulous show at the Weston Theater, visited Woodstock and Manchester ( got back to school shoes for everyone) and spent evenings playing card games in front of the fire. Thanks for the lovely hospitality!!

…. Steve, Maggie, Allison, Emma, Neal and Noah (silly puppy), Bel Air, Maryland

Vermont and the cabin were more than we expected. Our kids loved the pond, the rowing boat, the frogs, chipmunks and the dogs next door. The immediate area and surrounding countryside had loads to offer.

…. Thanks from the McCartney-Sprighams, the Scottish family from Luxembourg

We always enjoy our September trips to Vermont. The mountains, the blur skies and the fantastic scenery are unforgettable. We like to visit all the neat little stores. Number one on our list is the Vermont Country Store in Weston, also the Big Black Bear Shop ( Mary Meyers) in Townsend and of course all the shops in Manchester. When visiting you must go out to dinner at Laney’s on the way to Manchester and also fantastic is the River Café right here in Bondville at the bottom of the mountain. We truly look forward to visiting the Cole House in Sept. Everything is great!

…. Rob & Joanne, NJ

Sept 2th:
Wow! What a week! Within an hour of our arrival, both boys, Jeremy, 11 and Ben, 7 were paddling around on their inflatable rafts and Steve (Dad) had caught two trout (catch and release), That pretty much sums up our week free of technology, lots of swimming, boating, fishing and catching critters. Our list of wildlife included, a blue heron, tadpoles, frogs and a graddaddy frog. Our catch included trout, sunny, bluegill and yes, Dad did hook the huge large-mouth bass, but couldn’t land him (his pole even broke and the fish was pulling the boat). Two things to remember- bug spray and look up at the stars. Its awesome. Go up the lane to the field. Enjoy your stay, I know we did. it went from, “I wish we could stay two weeks” to “I wish we could stay all summer” to “I wish we could stay forever and ever” Thanks!

…. Teresa, Steve, jeremy and Ben, Red Hook, NY

We’ve enjoyed our 2nd stay in Cole-ville; liked the house better than the cabin-lots more room. …. Of course, we cooked out, hung out, read books, let ourdog swim in the pond with the cabin renters’ dogs, took our baby for his 1st rowboat ride. As always, there’s not enough time! Never made it to Bennington, Townsend Dam Diner, Bromley or Stratton, well there’s always next year! Thanks for helping to make Max’s 1st vacation a good one. We look forward to returning!

…. Mike, Vicki, Max (8 months) & Bailey (woof), Hamburg, NY

Sept 9:
| John, Naomi, Michael and Sarah along with Norton, the Brooklyn dog, spent a wonderful week here. We have very little advice for those who come after us as we perfected the art of doing nothing, but here, in no particular order are various memories we will take with us.

Norton leaping into the pond for stick after stick, whining and chasing the badminton birdie from side to side and then being unable to move from exhaustion at night. The walk up the hill, sometimes became Sarah’s ferry service collecting apples and flowers and berries for vases not for eating along the way. The apple pies made from memory and Michael and Sam Cole’s unending appetite for it. The pleasure of being with the Cole’s and our Mexican dinner at
Candalarios in Manchester The peace of the morning, of reading by the lake, of doing nothing more than the jigsaw puzzle or reading a book. The leaves just starting to turn a little more each day. We very much want to come back and do more of the same again

…. John, Naomi, Michael and Sarah, Brooklyn, NY

Sept 10:
Careful, Apples falling! Our first encounter with them was when having breakfast on the deck. They would bounce off the roof and then fly in every direction. They would also make us smile as we sat in the livingroom (or as we slept) inside. The combination of the Cole Cabin and the treed acreage plus the pondgives new meaning to the feeling of peace and serenity….God Bless!

……Patricia, Jean and Amy, Torrington, CT

Sept 19:
We came from New Jersey to spend our week of vacation in the Cole’s cabin. It was one of the best vacations we ever had. The cabin is great. It has everything you need, very clean and cozy! Mother nature gifted us with the weather you just have to dream about. The landscape, the woods, the food and especially the people are wonderful! Thank you very much Cole family for a great time you gave us. “From Russia with love ( we are Russians).

…. Vadim, Zhanna, Jacob, New York, NY

Sept 21st:
Thanks Jeremy for this quiet and peaceful place to be in this time of turmoil in America. It gave us a chance to reflect upon the great spirit of our American people and how we all stick together in emotional times like this. “God Bless America”

(note: Joe and Sharon left a small American flag in the guest book with their note, so I thought it fitting to add the flag icon)

…. Joe and Sharon, Wantage, NJ

Sept 22th:
We had a wonderfully relaxing week. The cabin is so cozy. Its roughly hewn, but with all those lovely modern conveniences. And the neighbors are so friendly and the surrounding countryside and mountains just beautiful. Our two hound dogs loved the trail at the back of the pond that leads to the creek. It will
be sad to leave, but we love Vermont and will definitely be back.

…. Donna and Paul with Charley and Betsey our Basset Hounds
Sept. 24th:
AAAAHHH! What a relaxing week in the Cole House. Love this country living. We had a great time. Mt Equinox had to be the best sight, 3,800 feet high. A must see. Manchester has great shopping all over. Mulligans up at Stratton was a great place to eat. … A great place. Thanks Jeremy.

…… Charles, Stephanie and 6 year old daughter, Bethel, CT

Sept. 27th:

What a wonderful week we had at the cabin. A great way to spend our 30th anniversary. Every day we headed in another direction. So many places to visit
and shop. We loved the Vermont Country Store, found an iron works factory outlet, got a great hanging candle lamp for the kitchen. … We hate to leave but we will be back. It’s great.

…. Joe and Sharon, Wantage, NJ

Sept. 28th:
Vermont Cheese Fest 2002 was such a success we hope to make it an annual Family event in Bondville! Our holiday began with the arrival of friends Steve and Sharon along with 1.5 lbs of Grafton’s finest 4 Star cheese! We christened the cabin with wine, cheese, song and a trivial pursuit marathon. The fun lasted all week despite the weather -hurricane Isadora rained on our parade a bit. But we managed to dodge the rain with cozy nights indoors. My only wish for this cabin is a screen porch. The deck is great for sunshine, but we would’ve enjoyed dining Al Fresco if there was shelter from the storm. Other than that our week at the Cole Compound was great-being the only visitors at the property made for a quiet vacation… A good time had by all!

…..Jennifer, Stephen and Saffron

October 2nd:
We spent our honeymoon here and had a really wonderful time. It has been so peaceful. Just what we needed. And our dog Sam needed it. He made himself right at home. First thing he did was jump in the pond. If you like Mexican food, go to Candeleros in Manchester. Excellent. We want to thank the Coles. The cabin is great and we can’t wait to return..

…… Billie Jo and Jerry, Hainsport, N.J.

October 7:
We loved our week here. It went by so fast. The weather was perfect – hot in the beginning of the week and then cooler days with brilliant sunshine. We picked the perfect week for foliage. It was so gorgeous! We mostly hiked and relaxed, but we did go horseback riding at the Stratton Sunbowl. It was so much fun. Our guides were the best and the horses were wonderful. We forgot our camera but they had a Polaroid for a low cost of $2.50. John (the owner) took our picture and he was great about setting up the shot. It’ll be sad leaving tomorrow but we have some good photos for remembering. This cabin is so cozy!

…. Betty & Glenn with Buster (our dog), Wareham, MA

October 12th:
Finding the Cole Cabin via the internet is nothing less than a gift from the Universe! Last summer we decided on “a fishing and a serene mountainside, staying in a remote cabin” type of vacation. …My god, what a beautiful woodsy atmosphere and the cabin is spectacular! Thank you Jeremy and family for sharing this wonderful place with others!! We hope to see you in the spring or summer season.

October 23:
This is our tenth year vacationing here at Cole House! Every year is different and there’s still new and enjoyable things to discover. Some of our favorites:

#1- Visiting with our dear friend up on Dini Lane, Ilse!

Hiking: Grout Pond, Somerset Reservoir and all of the trails (Appalachian) off the Kelly Stand road. Little Rock pond on Mt. Tabor; the Ice bed Trail by Wallingford, Gale meadows pond, Merck Forest and Farm Preserve near Rupert, Mt Equinox Nature Preserve by Mt. Equinox Hotel in Manchester.

the Peru Fair, Hildene Crafts Show, Mt. Shaw Crafts Show
the Northshire Book store in Manchester
In Chester: lunch at Raspberry and Tyme, Misty book store
Putney Pasta Outlet, Green Mt Flyer to Bellows Falls from Chester
The Dorset Playhouse is so cute
Food: Candelaros for above average Mexican); Sirloin Saloon for Steak, Grafton Inn for breakfast, Christos for Pizza
And, of course, taking the time to just relax around the pond, read, row and soak up the sun!! We’re looking forward to next year!

…. Caryn, Danny & Golden Retriever Sedona, PA

November 4:
It’s amazing that something so close can look and feel so totally different. The mountains are so gorgeous and so breathtaking. The first few days were snowy and with the fireplace, it seemed so peaceful and so…well, New England! It was nice to get away from all the stresses of life for a little while. We came with the intention of fishing more but soon realized it was much more fun to throw a ball in the pond and watch Tyler or Katey go jumping and diving for it. … We love Vermont,,as the bumper sticker says.

…. Donnie and Marie and family, Chicopee, MA